“If you asked me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you:  I came to live out loud.” ~Emile Zola.

Let’s live out loud together!

Hello Dear One…

Welcome to Follow Your Sun with me, Indira Grace, and, well, my entire Divine team. We are so glad you are here.

Please look over this page and see if we can be in service for you today.  If so, send us an email and let’s get started.  If not, have a most beautiful day and keep following your sun!

About Indira Grace

I was born a clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and claircognizant (clear knowing).  I have spent decades learning about my gifts, honing them, and working with other talented people to make sure I am doing the work that needs to be done.  I discovered that I was an angel communicator more than 15 years ago and have been working closely with the heavenly realm since.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, a Master’s Degree in Teaching, certificates in Wholistic Energy Healing, Reiki I, II and Master, chakra balancing, massage therapy, teaching meditation, and yoga teacher training, to name a few.

I am a life-long learner and I am so grateful for this experience called life!

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make sure I get the most for my money?

Ask open-ended questions.  Let’s be honest here.  I get a lot of questions like, “Is he/she THE one?”, “Is my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on me?”, “Will I get the job?” etc…  But the Divine doesn’t work in absolutes.  A better way to get a stronger answer, with actual messages you can work with is to keep it open.  Try “What does the Divine want me to know about my relationship with my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?” or “I’m starting to date.  What should I know about this process?” or “I have been applying for jobs.  What does the Divine want me to know about upcoming career or job changes?”  If you ask a yes or no question, you will get a yes or no answer, with no follow-up.  Then you lack personal power.  If you ask an open-ended question, you will get a world of extraordinary information, including how to handle your situations.

What questions should I ask?

First, see the question “How can I make sure I get the most for my money?”.  Then, begin to ask your questions.  If I were to do a three (3) card reading for myself, and I am wondering about my job, my relationship and my health, I would ask:  1.  What does the Divine want me to know about my job situation?  Is there anything I should be doing differently?  2.  What does the Divine want me to know about my relationship with my husband? How can I ensure peace and harmony in our relationship? 3.  What does the Divine want me to know my health right now?  What steps should I be taking to ensure total wellness?  First, notice that I am asking 2 questions, but the second one is specific to the first one, more of a “clarity” question.  Those are allowed because they ask for clarity from the first question AND they are still open-ended.  Second, notice that I specifically asked about my husband in question #2.  If I say “relationship”, I am leaving it open to any relationship.  Be specific in cases of who, what, when, where and how.  (We don’t ask why, for most of the time, the “why” is not for us to know.  If it is, they will tell me and I will tell you.)  Third, notice that I asked about what I can do.  The Divine is not a Santa in the sky who grants presents to those who have good intentions or are good people.  We WORK hand-in-hand with the Divine.  We are not gifted things without some sort of energy exchange.  So, expect assignments; we must work for our rewards.

What if I cry or have an emotional reaction?

Then you are human.  I cry almost daily.  Mostly, because I see something beautiful.  Sometimes I get angry, frightened, sad, gleeful, etc…  I have all of the emotions.  And so do you.  If you have an emotional reaction, then have one.  You are human.  Heck, I may cry with you. 

What if I don’t like my reading?

Ummm, well, sometimes we don’t like the messages but that doesn’t make them less ours to hear.  In other words, the hard stuff still has to be heard.  I don’t like hearing that I have been lazy or ungrateful either, but I take that message and I move forward with it.  Just recently, I was told that my Divine team is hurt that I am not spending more time with them outside of work.  I did NOT like hearing that.  I thought we were a team, in all things.  I didn’t realize they wanted more acknowledgment.  But I took the message, and a huge inhale and then began to make the changes necessary to ensure that my relationship, my MOST important relationship, was taken care of.  My mom always told me that you don’t have to like it for it to be true.

In addition, messages can trigger emotions and sometimes emotions like anger, frustration, fear, etc… can come up and can be uncomfortable, causing us to strike out or lash out at the person giving the message.  Please know that I understand and will do my best to hold space while you work through your trigger.  Just don’t “shoot” the messenger.  I’m still just the messenger.

What do I need to bring to my reading?

Great question!  An open mind, an open heart and a gentle ego.  The ego can be the biggest enemy of you really hearing your message.  Come to the table humble.  I am simply the messenger.  Oh, and speaking of which, the open mind and open heart part is because I don’t really sugar-coat things.  To quote a friend, I am “blunt to a fault”.  Sorry, not sorry.  If I sugar-coat anything, you may miss the message.  Plus, I just have never been good at the whole “gentle message” thing.  This isn’t to say that unconditional love will not reign, for it will.  My words, however, can be like coffee; strong.  Also, bring a notepad and a writing utensil.  You may have some really important things to write down. 

How many readings can I get in a month?

The Divine needs time to work on your path, just as you need time to work on their assignments.  I recommend no more than 1 reading a month.  It will become repetitive and you will become annoyed and then we are back to the question about “What if I don’t like my reading?”

What can I expect when I meet with you/get a reading from you?

So, I work a little like John Edward, in that I get a lot of cultural references, like movies, story lines, songs, etc… in my messages.  If you do not have that reference, I will explain further.  My Divine team speaks in my language and then I will interpret for you.  Sometimes, as in many interpretations, we need more words to get the point.

As Maria, in The Sound of Music, sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.”  I will start by pulling a couple of cards to get me on track with what the Divine has in store for you.  Then, we can start the exchange with questions, clarification, etc…  It is definitely an exchange, with you asking questions and me doing my best to interpret what your Divine team wants you to know for the best possible outcome. 

If you have such a strong connection with your Divine team, why do you utilize cards in your readings?

Where do I start?  First, cards are tools for me, like a pen or a computer.  They help me with my work.  The messages from the cards help to concentrate the energy so I can hone in on the most important messages they want to get to you.  Second, my cards have an energy that speaks to me on a vibrational level.  For example, when using a Goddess deck, I am working with Goddess energy.  When using and angel deck, I am working with angelic energy.  The energy is specific for you, the receiver and that is part of the message.  Without the cards, I may miss that message. Third, I trust my cards to keep me on track.  I, like most of us in today’s society, can get distracted by the shiny things or the squirrels.  I need something to keep me focused or we go off on weird bunny trails and you miss the important messages.  That would not be good for anyone.

What cards do you use?

Mostly, I use Doreen Virtue’s decks.  Yes, I know she gave up the whole “New Age” thing but that doesn’t mean that my relationship with her cards has changed, at all.  I have a few other decks, but none that I use much at all. 

Can I get the winning lottery numbers?

Ha!  No. Next question…

Can I ask when I’m going to die?

No.  Well, technically, you can ask, but I won’t get an absolute answer.  I don’t see physical “death” as a reality in readings.  I work with spirit and spirit lives forever.  So, that awkwardness is now over.  Next question.

Do you believe in God?

Yes.  I also believe in angels and ascended masters, spirit guides and all kinds of benevolent beings of unconditional love.  I go to church, though I am not religious.  I am what they refer to as an omnist.  I believe that there are truths in each religion, and that each religion leads to the same place.  I will refer to God in my readings from time to time, and I work closely with Jesus, so some Christian triggers may take place.  If you communicate with me that you are triggered by something like this, then I will work with you to help you to understand how I interpret their energies. 

Why the long turn around on email readings?

Spiritual work is my contract with the Divine.  Teaching is my contract with the earth plane.  I work a full-time job teaching GED to maximum security inmates.  It is my passion.  And it pays the bills.  And it is my passion.  I could do this all day.  And I write.  And I participate in a Course in Miracles discussion group.  And I go to the gym and do yoga and walk my dogs and cook for my family and have dates with my husband and coffee with girlfriends.  And I provide spiritual counseling.  I need a couple of days to maintain a balance in my life, in all my works.  I am grateful for your grace and understanding. 

What if we just don’t mesh?

You mean, what if you don’t like me?  To quote Cynthia Lennon (John Lennon’s first wife) when asked about Yoko Ono, “She’s not really my cup of tea, but John likes her…”.  I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  Or you may not be mine.  (See…blunt).  I have a few friends who do this work.  I can refer you.  No problem. 

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given once the service is provided, no matter how much you hate my message, no matter how much we do not mesh, no matter how much you hate my cup of tea.  If the service has not yet been provided and you cancel within 24 hours, then yes, a refund can happen.  But why don’t we look at rescheduling you first.  Clearly, you were drawn here for a reason.  Let’s see what it is.



“As I told my husband what you said, he told me to tell you that he was a total skeptic but you were so accurate that it gave him goosebumps. To those who are wondering if they should, OMG you MUST do it.  Indira Grace is amazing!” ~P.H.

“I like that the information given is straight forward and to the point.  The reading is interesting, fun, and informational.  It is a simple process that allows you to ask those inner questions that you wonder about.” ~H.M.

“Your quality was excellent. You spoke to me in a personable, relatable way that was informative and thorough. Plan to read and re-read what she delivers. There is a LOT of information.” ~B.L.

“Guess you nailed this right on the head. Thank you! Now it’s up to me to do what I can/will!!!” ~V.G.

“Indira Grace works hard to make sure you get the clearest message possible. She also is a great teacher, having more than 25 years of teaching experience under her belt. She makes everything so easy, so comfortable, so attainable. You cannot go wrong working with her.” ~D.S.

“I got goosebumps! This was awesome! Thank you so much!” ~S.M.